What is the big data ?
What is the advances of big data ?
Lets look the genius of past centry what he did say ?

“In the future, people will be a ble to reach and analyze a vast amount of data, with a small enough size to fit in the pocket. “Nicola tesla”
Data volume is increasing day by day. The big data is analys and processing of this data.Simply, big data is complex of data sets.
The important thing is what can we do with this data?
Gartners’s definiton about the big data Big data is data that contains grater variety arriving in increasing volumes and with even hihger velocity.
This is known as te 3V :
the volume of data, the wide variety of data types and the velocity at which the data must be processed.
Volume : Amount of data generated. With big data you will have to process.
Variety : Types of data that are available such as text ,audio, images,videos
Velocity : Speed of generating data in real time

Today, when we look at it, we use big data a lots of area,like optimizing transportation, protecting the environment, preventing epidemics, and using resources more efficiently.
This also means trying to maximize profits in the commercial world.
Lets look at the example.
when the big data is processed with accurate analysis method , the companies need to take strategic decision more accurately.

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